Baby Lily {In Home Newborn Session}

6 Dec, 2017

Introducing the newest addition to my extended family, my niece Lily! She is the sweetest, and most calm little baby, who loves cuddles with this proud Auntie. I unfortunately was unable to be at her birth, but not for lack of trying! My incredible sister in law went from water breaking to holding a new baby in her arms in an hour and 45 minutes. Isn’t that just amazing? What a whirlwind birth for sure. As soon as I got there I got to give Lily some sweet snuggles and hang out at the hospital. Later that week I was so excited to go back to their home and photograph this new family of 5.

Here are a few of my favorites! The one of her in her daddy’s hands really show how tiny she is. She is an itty bitty little thing, but so perfect. Read More

Tafa Family {2017 Families}

15 Nov, 2017

This was such a great session! I have known Camlynn since I was in middle school. She and my older sister are close friends, and have been forever. I think the earliest memory I have from Camlynn is her going through her closet and giving me hand me downs from WSU, and wearing a sweatshirt from WSU around Oak Harbor Middle School like I was the coolest person ever, and someone might think I was a college student visiting. Pretty much sums me up from middle school, haha. She also has been a great friend to my sister, and I have enjoyed getting to know her and her husband as I’ve gotten older and can hang out with the “cool kids” at family parties now!

I occasionally throw out that I’m available in the early morning for photo sessions, and schedule wise that seemed to be our best option to get these photos done in time for Christmas. That is the one major downside about Washington fall, it’s RAIN rain rain rain rain all the time. So we take what we can get when we can! Read More

Coulter Family {2017 Families}

15 Nov, 2017

Oh the Coulters. I had one of the BEST times with this family. Erica and I are both in the birthing world on Whidbey. She is an INCREDIBLE doula, and very passionate about the work. She is also hilarious, a runner, climber, killer mom, and just badass is general. Actually, her business is in fact called Badass Birthing! Seriously, if you need a doula, you need to get in contact with her.

On to the session! I have photographed the Coulter’s before, when Erica’s husband, Will, came home from his deployment. I’ve also encountered the kids at various parties and events. Erica and Will have 4 boys. And they are the craziest bunch. We knew going into it, that it would be more of a free-for-all and if we came out at the end with a picture of them all together, we would call it good. Luckily, that is typically my shooting style anyway, so with that in mind I crammed as much movement and action into 20 minutes as I could. There was a lot of laughs, maybe some bribery, and ended up with some great images. Read More

Ricks Family {2017 Families}

15 Sep, 2017

I was just doing the math, and I realized that I met Katie, my dear friend in these photographs, 13 years ago. We were young, slightly more innocent than we are now, living in the dorms at college. We became fast friends, and she made my college experience so much more fun. Over the years I have gotten to meet her entire family, and her mom is one of the most thoughtful people on this planet. I was also there when her and Colin were married, and I have rarely felt a couple were more fit for each other than they are. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to photograph Katie and Colin over the years. It’s fun to look back at my older photos of them, because not only is it fun to look at how young we were back then, but to see how much I have grown as a photographer. And to realize how sweet my friends are and always supportive, even in my less-than-stellar photographer times. Anyways, fast forward to the end of 2017, I happened to be in Utah for Salt Lake Comic Con(vention), and Katie and I magically found a break in there for me to do some photos of their growing family! Their kids Phoebe & Jonas are so dang funny. I had a wonderful time chasing them around, and watching Katie and Colin rock the parenthood thing.  Read More

Staab Family {Oak Harbor Maternity}

9 Sep, 2017

I seriously could not have asked for a more relaxed and beautiful in home maternity session! Brigitta and Jake (and their cute dog Shippy!) are so sweet. I had a great time getting to know them a little better, as they make their way through the last few weeks of pregnancy. Their connection was beyond incredible, and I’m excited to be there for Brigitta’s labor and see them in action as new parents. If how they treat their sweet fur baby is any indication, they will be perfect parents!

Walking into their home took my breath away. It’s perfectly nestled near Penn Cove, and is just gorgeous. The weather was a little gloomy, but luckily we had decided on an in home session, so it all worked out perfectly. Read More

Horn Family {Oak Harbor Families}

17 Feb, 2017

The Horn Family. OH. my. goodness. Loved this session. The rain. The kids. The parents. The puddles. All of it. Our kids had gone to preschool together, and we have a few mutual friends, so finally connecting was so great.  The rain was coming down, but as we Washingtonians like to call it, was only a small drizzle. Easy to handle, and it made all of the greenery around pop. I really wanted this to be as easy of a session as could be. Just the family adventuring around my yard, some fun interactions, and really just fun in general. This was exactly what I had in mind. Their oldest boys had so much energy that it was easy to let them guide what we did. Their sweet little daughter was shy, but so cute. And the way she clutched her little Darth Vader, you guys, so perfect. I just loved it all. Here are the few of my favorites: Read More

Tyhuis Family {Oak Harbor Families}

26 Jan, 2017

Wow, my first 2017 post!! It is kind of surreal that it’s almost a month into the new year already. Anyways, onto the amazing Tyhuis family! I have known Brian since I was in elementary school, watching him run with my older brother and hear endless stories of their shenanigans. It has been fun to move back to the island and get to know him and his insanely talented, hilarious, and gorgeous wife Kirsten and their sweet kids. I am a lucky lady that they agreed to get in front of my camera.

This family is so great, seriously.

I messaged Kirsten about a date for our session, and she immediately said “What about tomorrow?” So before I knew it, we had everything set up and were ready to go! Such a breeze. I am alway a little intimidated shooting other photographers (Brian & Kirsten are super talented) but they were fantastic to work with and we made an awesome team. And the kiddos were so comfortable in front of the camera AND got along so perfectly. Dream. Session. Read More