Horn Family {Oak Harbor Families}

17 Feb, 2017

The Horn Family. OH. my. goodness. Loved this session. The rain. The kids. The parents. The puddles. All of it. Our kids had gone to preschool together, and we have a few mutual friends, so finally connecting was so great.  The rain was coming down, but as we Washingtonians like to call it, was only a small drizzle. Easy to handle, and it made all of the greenery around pop. I really wanted this to be as easy of a session as could be. Just the family adventuring around my yard, some fun interactions, and really just fun in general. This was exactly what I had in mind. Their oldest boys had so much energy that it was easy to let them guide what we did. Their sweet little daughter was shy, but so cute. And the way she clutched her little Darth Vader, you guys, so perfect. I just loved it all. Here are the few of my favorites:


Tyhuis Family {Oak Harbor Families}

26 Jan, 2017

Wow, my first 2017 post!! It is kind of surreal that it’s almost a month into the new year already. Anyways, onto the amazing Tyhuis family! I have known Brian since I was in elementary school, watching him run with my older brother and hear endless stories of their shenanigans. It has been fun to move back to the island and get to know him and his insanely talented, hilarious, and gorgeous wife Kirsten and their sweet kids. I am a lucky lady that they agreed to get in front of my camera.

This family is so great, seriously.

I messaged Kirsten about a date for our session, and she immediately said “What about tomorrow?” So before I knew it, we had everything set up and were ready to go! Such a breeze. I am alway a little intimidated shooting other photographers (Brian & Kirsten are super talented) but they were fantastic to work with and we made an awesome team. And the kiddos were so comfortable in front of the camera AND got along so perfectly. Dream. Session.

We decided to head over to Ft. Casey near Admiralty Head Lighthouse and grab a few images as the sun went down. The weather has been extremely cold lately, so it was a nice break to have a cool 40-ish degree day, with no wind. Still cold in my book, but much more doable! The sky was perfect and soft, but what I really loved about this session was the connection between this family. It was so effortless and they were able to do their thing while I did mine. I also was able to capture Brian’s sweet dance moves, which I mean, can you ask for anything more?

Thanks again Tyhuis fam!