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Packages Starting at $800

Documenting births is one of the things I am most passionate about. The raw emotion and strength that shows in these photographs takes my breath away every single time. I really truly understand how intimate of a moment this is, and am always so honored I get to be a part of every birth I photograph. There are a lot of misconceptions about birth in general, let alone birth photography. I like to go over all questions in person before hand. Also we will be spending a good amount of time together, and while I usually am quiet in the corner, I like to make sure our personalities work well together and that you are comfortable with me during your labor.

During our consultation/first meeting, I go over all of these, but just to get an idea, here are some of the most common questions I get asked:

Which areas do you cover?
-I cover within 2 hours of Oak Harbor, WA, but my backups are all local to the island. I do consider out of state births, depending on the time of year and previous birth experiences.

Why should I hire a professional photographer? Can’t my spouse or family member take photos?
-Having a professional photographer at your birth ensures that you will get the best photos possible.

There are tricky lighting situations that need higher quality equipment and knowledge to handle it. Also it allows the people there with you to BE with you 100%. If they are taking the pictures, they won’t be in any!

Do you only photograph home/birth center births?
-Not at all! In fact I would say a good half of the births I photograph are in hospitals. Your labor and delivery is yours, and I tell that story, medicated or not, with an OB or midwife. I am there to document your story.

What if I am having a scheduled cesarean?
If the hospital staff will allow me in the operating room, I will happily photograph! Another option would be a Fresh 48, where I come to the hospital within 48 hours of your new baby’s birth.

What exactly will your be taking pictures of?
-It really is up to you! If you would like pictures of the entire process, from painful contractions to crowning, I will capture it for you. If you would prefer to have less intimate images, I am happy to do that too! Whatever is important to you, will be what I focus on. I will absolutely not photograph anything you are uncomfortable with!

Will my room be full of photo equipment?
-I bring minimal equipment, just what I absolutely need to get the pictures. No lights, tri-pods, etc. My cameras are high quality and can handle the low-light without them. I may have a flash (mounted to my camera) with your permission.

How long will you be there?
-Typically from the time you are in active labor, until 1 hour after the baby is born. I also do “Fresh 48” sessions, and can come back after baby and parents are settled to get some additional photos, or if siblings/family are meeting baby, I love to capture those moments too.

Will you be photographing the entire time?
-I will use my best judgment as to how much to capture.

We will be spending a LOT of time together, and a lot of that is just waiting! I bring snacks, books, my phone and charger, but always have my camera on the ready for any new happenings or changes.

What if I change my mind?
-Birth is a very intimate experience, it is definitely understandable if you change your mind. Any money paid up to that point will go toward a future session.

Will I need to get permission from my doctor/midwife?
-Yes please! Some medical personnel will not allow a photographer to be there. It is rare but does happen.

What if you miss the birth?
-I always make every possible effort to be there, and have backup photographers. I keep in close contact with you to see how things are moving along and if I might need to be on call sooner than 38 weeks. As soon as those contractions are regular, I am packed and ready to go! The more we are in contact with each other through the beginning stages of labor, the less likely I am to miss anything. If there is an emergency on my end, I will still get to you as soon as possible, and take pictures of your new baby, and credit you a future session.

How much does it cost?
-I do a flat rate of $800 for each birth. That covers my time on call, before and after the birth, and image processing. Included in that are the best images in a password protected online viewing album to share with friends family, and digital downloads of the photos. Some births are longer than others, but to make it easier and for clients to not feel rushed, I have started doing a flat rate for all births instead of charging hourly. I will always work with you on payments, I just require a $250 retainer fee up front, but the rest can be paid off between booking and the 38th week of pregnancy.

Do you photograph in color or black and white?
-I usually photograph in black and white, it helps bring the focus to the emotions and baby. It really depends on the situation, sometimes I do both or a good mix.

Will you post pictures of me online?
-I strongly respect your privacy, and if you are uncomfortable with images being shared online, then I will not share them. Before sharing any images I confer with you on which images you would like kept private.

If you have any more questions, or are ready to set up a consultation, here is a link to my Contact Form or shoot me an e-mail to

I do offer add on prices for Maternity, Fresh 48, and Newborn (or all of the above!) Please contact me to set up a custom package.