A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph this super fun family session. I have to say, sometimes doing large group family photos can be a bit challenging. Coordinating schedules with a large group, helping keep things from getting too crazy, maybe some bribery for the small kids, etc… it’s not for the faint of heart. But I am usually up for the challenge, because I get to meet a lot of fun people and it reminds me so much of my personal family get togethers. This session starts off with kind of a funny story. I was at my friend Nicole’s house, at an impromptu taco night herding too many kids, when I get a phone call. I step away from the chaos for a minute, as I realize it is not a spam call warning me about my electric bill. The gentleman on the phone asked if I was Aly, I said indeed I was, and he said “This is Steve Johnson.” I immediately lit up, because my awesome sister-in-law, Becky, has a brother named Steve Johnsen. So we chat for a few minutes, he is asking about shooting a large family session on the south end, and I am thinking, ok, he lives in Lake Stevens, and most of the family would come to Oak Harbor, and why wouldn’t Becky be asking me about doing the session? And it starts to hit me (probably way later than it should) that this is a different Steve. I chuckle to myself a little and continue to plan the session with the new Steve Johnson. His family would all be together on the south end at their beach house, so the decision is made to do the session bright and early the next week.

I have a beautiful drive down to Langley, and through some windy roads find my way to their home. Usually earlier morning sessions we get a nice layer of cloud cover, but it was bright and shiny out, which made the water sparkle! The family looked great, and it was a really fun session. The grandkids were a little harder to convince in some pictures, as per the usual young kids on a photo day, but I love how their personalities shone during the more candid moments. And the behind the scenes of friends and family singing and jumping to get some smiles is half the fun! It is always an honor to be a part of any family get together, let alone one full of fun and just genuine love for one another.