O.M.G. This family was a dream come true. We adventured in Rasar State Park in between Burlington and Concrete. I was a little worried about the bright daylight at that time of day, but it filtered through the tall trees beautifully. After driving around the parking lot about 3 or 4 times like a creeper, I found Lindsay & fam all ready to go and looking amazing.
Her little guy had fallen asleep but only needed a few minutes to wake up, and was SO smiley and cheerful. Our biggest challenge became evident after¬† a few minutes of shooting,¬† the mosquitos were out early and apparently starving! I unfortunately was not prepared (believe me, now I will have permanent bug repellant in my car!) but we just kept moving and tried to move further away from the river to avoid them. We danced, sang a lot of She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain, and explored the woods and fields to round out our session, and were left with way too many bug bites, but some breathtaking images. Thanks again Bartis family!