Hello friends!! End of February already, huh? Beautiful. Today was a great day. Let me tell you. It. SNOWED. Which always brightens my spirits. There is something so magical in the hush created by the snow. I will admit, after I sent the big kids on their way to school, I climbed back into stayed in my bed and was mighty cozy.  I had opened the blinds and was completely content just looking at the snow from my warm bed, snuggled up to Wren and Ryan. And then the sun rays came through the trees, and it was all golden and beautiful… so I quickly bundled up to document the magic.

At that point, Wren had also decided it was snow time, and put on a slightly too small dress, purple pants, and one sock. I helped her assemble the rest of her outfit to at least be a little more warm, and include, ya know, at least some shoes. Ryan found her #snowday shirt yesterday, so it got worn again. Really, we only get 2 snow days a year, if that, so I might as well get some use out of it! Then out we went.  She immediately wanted to build Olaf, eat snow, and jump off all the things. Things got cut a little short after about 5 minutes when she fell and got snow on her shirt. Our adventure was short, but totally worth it. She got a nice bath to warm up, and I got these images to remember this morning.