A couple of years ago, my friend Lorissa and I set up a fun photography project (miss you Lorissa!!) and invited over a couple of local mamas to do this photoshoot. The idea was milk bath sessions, which we had seen pop up here and there in the photography community. The white water with flowers creates a calming, serene setting that is almost magical. It went really well and we all had a lot of fun. Lorissa even took a few of just my daughter Wren and I, when Wren was about 6 months old. The images were so dreamy and magical, I am still so so so  in love with mine.

Wren & I in the milk bath, captured by Lorissa McKay

Fast forward to the end of last year, my friend Sandra is expecting a little boy, and wanted to do a maternity session. Her son and Wren are the same age, and had done a milk bath session with me the first time. So we collaborated and decided we would do the milk bath again, and once again open it up to other local women. My friend Nicole graciously opened up her home and was the perfect host, as usual! Thanks again Nicole 😉

Six local mamas joined in on these sessions this time around, and wow. I was so blown away by how beautiful these women are!! I could not have hand picked better models, mamas and babies included. Thanks again ladies, it was so wonderful to work with all of you!

Here are a few of my favorites (ok a lot of my favorites):