So I a just going to sit down and get reeeaal honest with you all. And myself. You are MORE than welcome to just skip to the pretty photos at the bottom of this post 😉

This month was a bit of a rocky start for me, I feel like I let myself get into my own head too much. Not just with my 365 Project, but it pretty much is a reflection on my life, so yeah. This is pretty much my constant inner dialogue: I want to be creative. I want to capture candidly. I want to be inspired. I want to inspire. Do I have too many photos of my kids? Not enough? What do people who come to my feed want to see? Could my outdoor shots be composed differently? Do they all look the same? Do I need a theme? Is anyone even seeing these images? Does it matter? 

And then, with that last one, I had to stop, and really sit down and analyze why I am doing this project. Why does this matter to ME. What do I, ME, Aly Willis, want to accomplish? And I went blank. I phoned it in for quite a few of these images, like “Oh crap! I have to take a photo still! Damn! The sun went down at 4.” Which is fine, we all have days, and I knew I would have some this time, but I felt like a failure every time. It was getting me down so much, I really had to sit (well drive, I went on a nice location scouting drive) and decide what this is all for.

It’s for me. Plain and simple. Straight forward, a photo to sum up my day. If I post 3 pictures of buds on the trees in a week, it’s because the transition to spring from winter is one of my favorite times of year. If I take pictures of Wren for a week straight, it’s because she is home with me and by my side pretty much 24/7. I think I will find the inspiration as I go. But for now, I just want to breathe, and take pictures, and share them. And I’m proud of that. Because of all of the things I do in my crazy amazing life, very little is just for me. So, now that this month is over, and I feel at peace with the direction (or lack thereof) of my 365 Project. Maybe I should title it Letting Go? Or Zero Forks Given? Haha. I don’t know. Anyways, to sum up, here are my favorite images I took in January 2018: