Oh my gosh. So. I’ve been holding onto these images for AGES. I was counting down the days until after the holidays and all Christmas/New Year letters and cards were sent out. Because these images are just… the best. And everyone needs to see them.

My sister Keira is one of a kind. She is generous, beautiful, full of life, and doesn’t let anything hold her down. She is married to Jason who is also all of those things, and keeps everyone around him laughing. I admire their relationship and have always used theirs as an example for my #relationshipgoals. They are also the biggest die-hard Seattle Sounders fans I have ever met! So of course we had to include a few photos in their Sounders gear.

And then there’s Alan.

Alan is a long time friend of Keira & Jason, and honorary extended famil

y membe


r. Somehow, due to the loss of a bet (that’s the story anyway!), he became a part of the Jamerson family photo session. Complete with suspenders, and propeller hat. I had to keep from doubling over in laughter the entire session. It was pouring down rain, which made the session just that more incredible. All of the colors in the arboretum were spectacular, only enhanced by the clouds and rain. It was our last available weekend before holiday craziness, so we grabbed some umbrellas, I had my camera in it’s weather protective cover, and we just went for it.


Without further ado, here are the Jamersons. And Alan. But mostly the Jamersons.