This was such a great session! I have known Camlynn since I was in middle school. She and my older sister are close friends, and have been forever. I think the earliest memory I have from Camlynn is her going through her closet and giving me hand me downs from WSU, and wearing a sweatshirt from WSU around Oak Harbor Middle School like I was the coolest person ever, and someone might think I was a college student visiting. Pretty much sums me up from middle school, haha. She also has been a great friend to my sister, and I have enjoyed getting to know her and her husband as I’ve gotten older and can hang out with the “cool kids” at family parties now!

I occasionally throw out that I’m available in the early morning for photo sessions, and schedule wise that seemed to be our best option to get these photos done in time for Christmas. That is the one major downside about Washington fall, it’s RAIN rain rain rain rain all the time. So we take what we can get when we can!

So I woke up bright and early, to meet up with the Tafa’s for our sunrise session. It was freezing cold, but we found the light and warmed up with some running around and they all tickled and laughed off the cold.┬áTheir little girl Eve is 2 and a half and full of adventure and adorableness. She gave me the cutest toddler smiles, and took charge for the rest of the shoot. I seriously loved this session, and all the expressions from Eve and their interactions as a sweet family. Thanks again Tafa fam.